Discover David’s project: he needed a heavy exterior sliding door to close the opening of his garden shed.

Garden shed with heavy exterior sliding doors

To realize his project, David used the following products:

  • 1 x SLID’UP 2000 galvanized steel tracks for doors up to 130 lbs (SU2003)
  • 1 x bottom guide U channel (SU1716)
  • 4 x adjustable bottom guides on angle plate (SU2084)

David painted in black the wall-mounting brackets and the connector sleeve included in the SLID’UP 2000 kit. He even cut both ends of the tracks to match the angle of the shed roof.

This looks really great, thank you very much for sharing these pictures David!

Our SLID’UP 2000 serie is perfect for this kind of projects. This serie is made for heavy sliding door for an exterior use. We have different complete kits made for a wall-mounting set up. These kits have a maximum door weight capacity up to 130 lbs, 180 lbs or 310 lbs. We also sell the tracks and roller kits separately and we offer a pair of rollers for doors up to 400 lbs. For a ceiling-mounting set up, ceilin-mounting brackets are necessary.

Our SLID’UP 2000 is also available in stainless steel which is ideal in humid environments or if you are living by the sea. You can discover this serie here. The stainless steel serie offer maximum door weight capacities of 130 lbs, 220 lbs or 440 lbs. You can read our article about the stainless steel serie here.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this product (or others!), we would be glad to help you choose the best product for your project!

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