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What dimensions should you choose for your sliding doors?

The right size for your sliding doors may correspond to a standard format or require customization. We take a look at the main width and height requirements in the home. 3 standard widths All widths are possible with sliding doors…. Continue Reading →

How many panels for a sliding closet?

Sliding closet doors are a popular choice for homes and businesses alike. What are their advantages, how do you choose them and how do you install them? We have got the answers below! The advantages of sliding door closets Sliding… Continue Reading →

Interior design inspiration: sliding glass doors

The interior glass door has found its place in renovated lofts. Most often in a highly industrial design echoing the former uses of the premises: rehabilitated warehouses, garages or stores. Decorators and homeowners alike have been quick to embrace this… Continue Reading →

How to fit out a custom-made closet?

Looking for custom-made closet? Hold off on crossing the word kit off your list. You may well need an installation pack to simplify the installation of your custom closet doors. 1 – I define my project Do you need storage… Continue Reading →

Which tracks to choose for a closet?

Are you short of storage space for your closet? The sliding hardware is the best way to optimize available space, even in atypical rooms! Under the stairs, under the slope, high-ceilinged dressing rooms… You can do it all with the… Continue Reading →

Design and organize your dressing room in 4 steps

From design to organization, optimizing your dressing room saves time and living space. Here are the 4 steps to a modern, functional alternative to the classic closet. The advantages of dressing rooms Dressing rooms are not the exclusive preserve of… Continue Reading →

Optimizing space in your home

Interior space is a measurable value. It is also a feeling that can be attenuated or accentuated according to lighting and layout choices. Here’s a look at the most effective solutions for optimizing space and creating the illusion of space…. Continue Reading →

Sliding doors: 6 design ideas to discover

Sliding doors can be authentic or modern, practical or aesthetic, wall-mounted or pocket… They come in a variety of styles and installation to suit different aesthetic considerations. Here are 6 ideas for creating new spaces and enhancing your interior without… Continue Reading →

Space-saving: furniture with sliding doors

Furniture with sliding doors allows you to exploit the full potential of your living space. This space-saving feature is not only desirable for small areas. Take a look at the advantages of sliding doors, the furniture that can be used… Continue Reading →

How to optimize a space under slope?

In attics, on the top floor or even under a staircase, inclinations and spaces under slope complicate the layout. Yet these spaces are full of possibilities. Here’s how to exploit their full potential. Assessing the potential of your under slope… Continue Reading →

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