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Sliding bypass closet doors with SLID’UP 110

Discover Tracy’s sliding bypass closet doors project! In order to make this great closet, Tracy purchased our SLID’UP 110 range. She purchased one complete kit SLID’UP 110 with a 59″ track for 2 doors (SU5104) and an extra 59″ track… Continue Reading →

Sliding bypass doors with SLID’UP 130

Jérome needed a hardware for 2 sliding bypass doors in order to close his storeroom/laundry room. He ordered our SLID’UP 130 for 2 bypass doors (SU5116) to install his doors. Our SLID’UP 130 includes 4 single tracks, 2 for the… Continue Reading →

SLID’UP 150 for 2 bifold doors

Today, discover the result of our SLID’UP 150 installed for 2 bifold doors: Hunter, our customer, purchased one bifold door hardware kit with a 59″ track (SU5124) to install his 2 bifold doors. This kit includes a 59″ track, 1… Continue Reading →

Closet with 4 bypass doors

Discover Nardia’s project for a closet with 4 bypass doors! In order to realize her closet with 4 bypass doors, Nardia purchased our SLID’UP 110 range. She used our complete kit SLID’UP 110 with a 78″ double track and hardware… Continue Reading →

Wooden gate with our SLID’UP 2000

Discover the wooden exterior gate project of our customer Nick: In order to achieve this wooden gate project, Nick purchased our stainless steel SLID’UP 2000 range: 2 x 76″ stainless steel tracks (SU2067) 1 x pair of rollers for door… Continue Reading →

Sliding glass window with SLID’UP 190

Discover Simon sliding glass window project! Simon choosed to install a sliding glass window with our SLID’UP 190 for sliding glass doors. To realize his project, he bought our complete kit SLID’UP 190 with a 106″ track (SU9804). This complete… Continue Reading →

Synchronized double doors

Discover Rusty W. synchronized double doors project! To achieve this very nice project, Rusty W. used our SLID’UP 160 serie. He used the following products: SLID’UP 160 – Complete kit with a 59″ track (SU5126) Set of 5 wall-mounting brackets… Continue Reading →

Heavy exterior sliding door for a garden shed

Discover David’s project: he needed a heavy exterior sliding door to close the opening of his garden shed. To realize his project, David used the following products: 1 x SLID’UP 2000 galvanized steel tracks for doors up to 130 lbs… Continue Reading →

Electric stairs with SLID’UP 160

Discover the ingenious project of electric stairs by Cyril J.! He had built a mezzanine in the garage of a duplex to utilize space that was previously inaccessible. Gaining access was complicated and placing a normal ladder was not an… Continue Reading →

Heavy sliding door for a tack shed

Discover Mark’s project: he needed a heavy sliding door to close the opening of his tack shed. To realize this project, Mark used the following products: 2 x SLID’UP 2000 galvanized steel tracks for doors up to 400 lbs (SU2049)… Continue Reading →

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