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Welcome everyone, This blog is entirely dedicated to SLID’UP sliding door hardware! In this blog, you will find some tips and tricks that we give about our products but most importantly you will find our customers’ achievements. It may inspire… Continue Reading →

Think big with connectable tracks!

An innovative concept that pushes the limits of sliding! From the SLID’UP 1000 and SLID’UP 1100 range, these 39″ long aluminum tracks have been specially designed to connect and align several rails using a connector piece. These connectable tracks become… Continue Reading →

3 bypass closet doors in a bedroom

Thomas C. purchased our SLID’UP 230 for his 3 bypass closet doors in his bedroom. To realize his project, he only used 1 x SLID’UP 230 with a 106″ track (SU5164). The best thing about this sliding door hardware kit… Continue Reading →

Partition door between a kitchen and a bedroom

A sliding door is always a good idea to help you save some space at home! Here, Tom K. used a sliding partition door to separate 2 rooms: the kitchen and the bedroom. In order to realize his project, he… Continue Reading →

Blind corner cabinet solution

James had an issue with a blind corner cabinet at home. With a lot of ingenuity, he found a solution to use that empty space and difficult to access. He used two of our SLID’UP 170 kits to create a… Continue Reading →

What is a soft-closer and how it works?

For a soft closing and/or a soft-opening of your door… WHAT IT DOES? The purpose of a soft-closer is to slow down the closing of your door. It accompanies the door to its final position silently and keeps it closed…. Continue Reading →

4 good reasons to install a sliding door

In this article, we will give you a few good reasons to install a sliding door in your house, flat… Save space: unlike a swing door, the sliding door runs along the wall and frees up space. It allows a… Continue Reading →

Sliding doors: the guide

Sliding doors make it easy to separate two spaces inside your house or apartment, with less work than a traditional interior door. Discover our guide to help you choose your sliding doors. 6 reasons to install a sliding door A… Continue Reading →

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