Discover Rusty W. synchronized double doors project!

  • Synchronized double doors closed
  • Synchronized double doors opened

To achieve this very nice project, Rusty W. used our SLID’UP 160 serie. He used the following products:

  • SLID’UP 160 – Complete kit with a 59″ track (SU5126)
  • Set of 5 wall-mounting brackets to fix the track on the wall (SU5235)
  • Extra roller kit for his second door (SU5208)
  • Synchronization kit (SU5232)
  • 78″ valance for a perfect finish (SU5239)

Rusty cut himself the track and the valance to 55.5″ to fit his opening. What a great result!

Discover more information about our synchronization kits here!

Thank you for sharing these pictures Rusty!