Sliding closet doors are a popular choice for homes and businesses alike. What are their advantages, how do you choose them and how do you install them? We have got the answers below!

Closet with 4 bypass doors
Sliding closet with 4 bypass doors with SLID’UP 110

The advantages of sliding door closets

Sliding closet doors are so popular with homeowners and professionals alike, because they offer a number of significant advantages. The first is space saving. Indeed, when you install track-mounted sliding doors, they do not encroach on the room when the are opened. What’s more, this type of closet door can be installed in any room in the house, such as a bedroom, kitchen, attic, hallway or under a staircase. It is impossible to open the entire closet at once. What may seem like a drawback can actually be very practical. Indeed, when you have guests, they can store their belongings in one part, without encroaching on your privacy.

Last but not least, the ease with which sliding closet doors can be installed is a definite plus. You can install your sliding doors yourself.

Sliding closet in a bedroom

How to choose your closet doors

Choosing closet doors should not be rushed. You need to think ahead, whether you are considering aesthetics, budget or dimensions.

Choice of materials

There are different materials available for your closet doors. While the final choice will depend on aesthetics and budget, dimensions are also important.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors add a natural, cocooning touch to your room. Available in oak, ayous or pine, they offer excellent value for money.

In melamine

Melamine doors are in great demand, not least because of their many finish options. They also have the advantage of being available in large sizes.

PVC doors

PVC doors have the advantage of being lightweight and inexpensive. However, they are not suitable for high ceilings. They are therefore preferable for under-sloped closets.

Mirror doors

Mirrored or lacquered glass doors are more expensive to buy, but add aesthetic and functional value.

Aluminum doors

Last but not least, aluminum or tensioned fabric doors are very light, but still very strong.

Interior design

Another aspect to consider is the internal organization of your closet. Indeed, it is essential to place a leaf opposite each piece of furniture or storage unit. This allows full access to the desired area when the opposite leaf is open. So, if the inside of your closet is made up of three equal parts, it is advisable to install three leaves. However, if your closet contains one large storage space and two smaller ones, you can opt for two leaves: one facing the large section and one facing the two smaller ones.

Once again, the most important thing is to be able to access the entire desired area when the leaf is fully open.

SLID’UP sliding hardware

You will find all our quality sliding door hardware on our dedicated closet page. From floor-mounted to suspended sliding tracks, for two, three or four doors, customize your closets with our complete ready-to-install kits.

Sliding closet doors
Sliding closet doors with SLID’UP 230