Sliding closet doors

Are you short of storage space for your closet? The sliding hardware is the best way to optimize available space, even in atypical rooms! Under the stairs, under the slope, high-ceilinged dressing rooms… You can do it all with the right track. Here’s how to choose this essential element of the sliding hardware.

Closet in a bedroom

Types of sliding closet track

You will find tracks for classic sliding, folding sliding and sliding on sliders. When should you choose each solution?

Floor tracks

Closet door hardware with floor tracks consist of a top track and a bottom track. This is referred to as a floor-mounted sliding hardware, as it is the bottom track that guides the door rollers. The top track secures the door’s position and accompanies its lateral movement. With such a hardware, you can install and slide several closet doors without constraint. For a standard closet, there are usually 2 or even 3 doors. But you can also use 4 or 5 doors to close off a full-length storage space.

Ceiling tracks

The ceiling track sliding closet slides from above. With this hardware, you can easily create a closet with one to three doors. All you need is a single track at the top. To secure the position of the door at the bottom, you can install simple guides to be screwed or glued to the floor. These elements can be very discreet and, unlike the track, they do not cover the entire width of the closet. This means you can perfectly maintain the continuity of your floor covering between the room and the inside of the closet. A particularly interesting visual detail when creating a walk-in closet.

Tracks for folding closet doors

Sliding folding doors are another alternative, halfway between the classic door and the sliding panel. The panels fold in on themselves when opened. This means you don’t need to provide a free lateral surface. Consider if you are installing your closet in a relatively narrow space.

Tracks for closet doors with sliders

Sliding door hardware on sliders also have their own tracks. There are 2 sliders per door. The sliders fit into the top track, while guides stabilize the door at the bottom.

This smooth, silent hardware is ideal for small storage niches, overhead cupboards or low storage in an under-sloped space.

Track dimensions

When you buy a track, you will not necessarily find one that fits perfectly. Some projects are built to standard dimensions, but others have been designed to optimize very specific configurations.

Rest assured, tracks are adjustable. Indeed, you can recut the sliding track, as long as you check the “recuttable” label on the product. If the tracks are too short, you can also align them to create a longer one.