Discover Nardia’s project for a closet with 4 bypass doors!

  • Closet with 4 bypass doors
  • Closet with 4 bypass doors on 2 tracks

In order to realize her closet with 4 bypass doors, Nardia purchased our SLID’UP 110 range.

She used our complete kit SLID’UP 110 with a 78″ double track and hardware for 3 doors (SU5106). Furthermore, she purchased a 94″ double track alone (SU5393) and an extra roller kit for 1 door (SU5201).

With all these products, Nardia was able to install 2 bypass doors on the front track and 2 bypass doors on the back track.

The result looks great! Congrats Nardia and thank you very much for sharing these pictures with us.

There are a lot of possibilities with our SLID’UP 110 range.

First, you can align our double tracks together to get the length you need. Also, you can add as many doors as you want on this double track as long as each door does not weight more than 100 lbs.

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