Today, discover the result of our SLID’UP 150 installed for 2 bifold doors:

2 bifold doors
2 bifold doors installed with our SLID’UP 150

Hunter, our customer, purchased one bifold door hardware kit with a 59″ track (SU5124) to install his 2 bifold doors.

This kit includes a 59″ track, 1 roller, 1 top pivot, 1 bottom pivot and 3 hinges. You just need the doors compatible with our hardware and our kit provides everything else to hang them.

The SLID’UP 150 is compatible with doors up to 90 lbs and between 5/8″ and 1-5/8″ thick. With a 59″ track, we recommend a maximum of 29″ for the door width.

We have 2 other hardware for bifold doors: SLID’UP 140 and SLID’UP 200. SLID’UP 140 is the same kit as the SLID’UP 150 except it is for lighter doors, up to 55 lbs. SLID’UP 200 is made for bifold closet door up to 30 lbs and is a completely different kit as SLID’UP 140 and 150.

What a great result! Well done Hunter and thanks a lot for sharing the picture with us.

Do not hesitate to share your pictures if you want us to publish your realization on our blog. We love seeing our products in your homes.

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