Custom-made closet in a bedroom
Custom-made closet in a bedroom

Looking for custom-made closet? Hold off on crossing the word kit off your list. You may well need an installation pack to simplify the installation of your custom closet doors.

1 – I define my project

Do you need storage space? You still need to specify your project. Do you want to store everyday objects, kitchen utensils, clothes or household linen? These factors will help you choose the ideal location for your closet.

Take a look at the proposed installation area and note any constraints. Lack of space is a common obstacle, but you may also have to contend with a sloping wall or uneven floor.

These characteristics will help you identify which hardware you can install and which you should rule out. For example, if you’re short of space in terms of width, avoid hinged-door closets in favor of sliding hardware.

Custom-made closet
White custom-made closet

If you still have unused space, you can think bigger and build a real dressing room. A niche or alcove in a bedroom or living room can do the trick. All you need to do is close up the space and add a sliding or swing door.

2 – I take the measurements

It is time to move on from theory to practice. Measure the available space and compare the dimensions with those of your project.

If, for example, you want to create a closet with a hanging unit, you will need at least 25″ in width. A standard coat hanger measures between 17″ and 19″. But you need to aim wider, for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t want your clothes rubbing against the inner walls of the closet, which could damage them every time you move them. Secondly, you need to allow space for doors, whether hinged or sliding.

For a sliding hardware, you will need more width, with a double or triple track to allow several doors to slide simultaneously.

3 – I list the components to be assembled

Wooden custom-made closet
Wooden custom-made closet

This list can be very short or relatively more complex. It all depends on the existing configurations and the details of your project.

In any case, you will need boards and fasteners, drawers, hanging rails and brackets, and all the practical accessories that make storage easier (glass cabinet, shoe rack, LED lights…).

These elements make up the inside of your closet, but you also need to build its outer shell, with more or less difficulty depending on the base you are working on.

If you want to transform a niche into an enclosed closet, all you need to do is add a single, well-sized door.

Tip: for a large closet in a hallway or living room, consider the trendy barn door style. Simply select a pretty, rustic-looking door and install it on a suspended rail. SLID’UP offers complete kits from the SLID’UP 270 range for this type of project.

If you need to build a new space from scratch, then you will need to add brand-new partitions to your list.

4 – I compare prices and product quality

You can choose from a variety of materials to create the walls of the closet and build the various blocks (shelves, drawers, hanging space, shoe space…).

Plywood is widely used for this type of work. Lightweight and resistant, this wood-based material is covered with two decorative layers. These can be woodgrain or other patterns and colors.

Solid wood planks are another aesthetically pleasing but heavier option. Otherwise, you can opt for PVC panels, as well as metal elements ideal for shoe storage.

5 – I don’t cross kits off my list!

Really? Yes, kits can be very useful, even for custom projects! At SLID’UP, we offer installation kits. We are not talking about a closet kit with standard dimensions, but rather a pack for installing your own custom closet.

With a complete installation kit, all you have to do is choose the leaves you want. Then, you follow the instructions to place the rails and the various fasteners. This allows you to design the lines of your closet as you wish, and arrange it to suit your tastes.

Discover the SLID’UP 230 and SLID’UP 280 ranges that will help you build the closet of your dream!

Mirror door custom-made closet
Mirror door custom-made closet

SLID’UP offers floor-mounted, suspended and folding sliding closet hardware. They can be adapted to all your closet, wardrobe and dressing room projects. Sliding hardware with sliders are best suited to small storage units.

Our hardware enable you to create customized closets, closed by 1 to 4 doors and weighing from 13 lbs to 155 lbs for the heaviest.

Discover all our bypass closet door hardware here.

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